Market zone, part one

I hardly see the farm or get to work with the crew on Thursdays.  I'm at the warehouse mid morning to pick up the market truck, leftover CSA totes, and a road sign to set out near the hospital.  By eleven o'clock, I'm usually arriving at the farm, saying a quick hello to whoever might be washing produce up front, then diving into what I call "market zone".  It's a fun zone, and it feels entirely separate from the workings of the farm despite being intimately reliant on them.  

The tall wooden side walls of the flat-bed dump truck sway back and forth as I load tables, scale totes, and crates of market supplies onto the bed.  Display baskets, shopping baskets, chalkboard signs, plastic chairs, bags and bungees and tablecloths all get piled in.  Sometimes someone comes to the farm stand to help me, especially if I'm running late, but so far it's been a solo game.

If there's time before take-off at one o'clock, I sort strawberries, make flower bouquets (not yet this season!), or update the CSA and price boards.  Interns and youth farmers come and go to lunch while I make finishing touches on anything, and some keep working later to help.  By 12:30pm we're rearranging all those market crates to make room for produce totes and crates.  Unload the coolers, passing totes to whoever's helping to load, double-checking for produce hanging out around the sinks and picnic tables.  More tables, canopies, weights, and crates for the display.  Wedge some boards in the back to keep it all from flying out, cinch down the totes in the back of Ted's red pick-up, and we're ready. 

"Market zone" to be continued next Thursday!