Onion skins and rotting tomatoes

Onion skins and rotting tomatoes

It’s been really hard to focus on the present these past couple weeks. It’s a lot to think about, to be part of a nation where elected leaders squabble across partisan lines rather than attempting to address the root causes of sexual assault and gender inequality, to give up a treasured relationship over my abstract desire and optimism to have children some day, to be wondering where I want my farming path to lead toward. It’s all been weighing heavily on my heart and mind, and I’ve noticed it: out in the cilantro bed, day after day, my brain running through news clips rather than savoring that overwhelming aroma. Swirling salad mix in the wash tubs, replaying rough conversations about interpersonal incompatibility rather than feeling the icy water reach my forearms, letting my thoughts override my eyes’ delight at the shimmering reds and greens below me. Trying to keep up pleasant conversations with coworkers and volunteers after spending an hour on my own, brooding over a president’s recent speech that reinforced rape culture. It’s just a lot to think about.

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Agriculture in the news

NPR has been pumping out agriculture-related news recently, which is exciting not only because agriculture gets a lot less press than most other topics, but also because this batch is generally more encouraging than I would've anticipated!  Read on...

Oregon berry growers using a new technology (lasers!) to ward off flocks of destructive birds.

A terminally ill former landscaper won a landmark court case against Monsanto, the agrichemical giant and maker of the ubiquitous herbicide glyphosate (aka Roundup).

Dairy farmers have mixed reactions to new tariffs, which could hurt their bottom line.

And how the Milk with Dignity program in Vermont is raising quality of life for many dairy farm workers.

There was also a great local news story on friends Rosie and Adam's Little Wings Farm and the challenges and opportunities for young farmers.